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How To Prepare A Power Floated Floor

HOW TO PREPARE A POWER FLOATED FLOOR FOR PAINTING? The best way is to track blast the floor as a power floated floor has a very hard surface that prevents paint from etching in. Or you can Scarify the floor prior to painting Or A cost effective way is to Sand the floor back Use […]

Top Tips Painting Concrete Floors With Non-Slip Products

FLOOR PREPARATION FOR NON-SLIP FLOOR PAINTS   Excellent for areas prone to moisture and spillages     Be cautious of using solvent based two pack epoxy over existing floor coatings as solvents may attack the existing paint. If un-sure use solvent free or single pack floor paint.     Two coats of paint are always […]

Top Tips Painting Concrete Floors With Solvent Free Epoxy

Painting Bare Concrete Floors with Solvent Free Two Pack Epoxy Floor Coating   (Suitable for all traffic)     Two coats of paint are always recommended 1st coat primes and seals the floor. 2nd coat provides good colour build, protection and longevity of the coating.   When painting any concrete floor it is important that […]