How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

Usually orders arrive within 1-2 working days, sometimes if we have very large orders the manufacturing time may increase the time to 3 days but you shall be notified if this happens. All decorative coatings take 2-3 days to be delivered. You may experience slight delays after bank holidays or Christmas.

What Are The Carriage Costs?

The coat of carrage is (£10.00 exc vat) but delivery is free on orders over £200.00

I Have Been Carded What Do I Do?

Call the number on the card and arrange a suitable time for delivery to be made. Not all depots keep attempting delivery, if no contact is made to the delivery depot they may send the parcel back to us and there may be a charge to resend the good out.

My Order Has Not Arrived & No Card Has Been Left What Do I Do?

Please contact us, goods may have been damaged in transit. If this is the case we resend next day free of charge.

Does Our Paint Have A Shelf Life?

Yes most manufactures will say 12 months as do we. However in most cases paint will not go off all is required is a good mix before use.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

Please see the product you require and enter the area you need to cover in the paint calculator.

I’ve Just Had A New Floor Laid How Long Should I Wait Until I Can Paint It?

Firstly the moisture content of the concrete should be checked. This can be carried out by various methods but the best way is by using a moisture meter specifically designed for this purpose. If you don’t have access to this equipment then, as a guide, it is recommended that a drying period of a month is allowed for every inch of concrete laid in depth. In most cases 3 months is needed.

Do I Need A Sealer Or Primer For My Bare Concrete Floor?

None of the floor coatings within the our range require a sealer or specific primer for bare floors, just two coats of the paint will be suitable, ideally thin the first coat to allow the paint to penetrate into the structure of the floor. Polished or over sealed floors must be treated by approved methods prior to painting.

Why Has The Floor Paint Stuck To My Car Tyres?

In most instances this is due to the wrong paint being used (two pack epoxy or solvent free epoxy is recommended) or the paint has not been left for the full curing time of 7 days. Re-coat the floor if you have problems with the relevant product and allow 7 days before leaving any heavy objects to stand on the coating.

What Paint Should I Use To Paint My Garage Floor & How Long Should I Leave It Until I Can Park On It?

Two Pack Epoxy or Solvent Free Two Pack Epoxy should be used although both are overcoatable after 12 hours the coating should be allowed to fully cure for a minimum of 5 to 7 days before subjecting the floor to stationary or standing vehicles.

 What Is the best Floor Paint?

Solvent Free Epoxy is the best floor paint. Its the hardest and most durable of all followed by the Two Pack Epoxy then the Single Pack Floor Paint.


Please see our Guides and Top Tips for information and guidance.