Floor Sealer Clear

Concrete Floor Sealer Clear

T.A Paints Ltd manufactures and supplies in the UK a wide range of Concrete Floor Sealer Clear coatings for the use on industrial and domestic floors. Our range consists of single pack polyurethane floor paint suitable for light to medium floot traffic available in smooth gloss finish.

Two pack epoxy solvent based concrete floor sealer for heavy traffic like vehicles, this product provides excellent chemical resistance

Solvent free epoxy premium quality Concrete Floor Sealer Clear providing excellent chemical resistance and the hardest wearing in our range for all traffic including heavy plant machinery.

Our extensive range allows us to provide the correct paint for your needs whether you are painting a new or old concrete, wood or metal floor in industrial factories, warehouses, mot bays, garage floors, industrial kitchens or butchers. All our products are manufactured using the highest grade of virgin raw materials available to us to produce high quality Floor paint coatings first time every time.