Top Tips Painting Concrete Floors With Solvent Free Epoxy

Painting Bare Concrete Floors with Solvent Free Two Pack Epoxy Floor Coating


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  • Two coats of paint are always recommended 1st coat primes and seals the floor. 2nd coat provides good colour build, protection and longevity of the coating.


  • When painting any concrete floor it is important that the moisture content of the concrete is no greater than 5%.


  • Ensure that there is an ambient temperature of 10˚C.


  • Green concrete is best left for at least 2-3 months before coating. There are three main factors to ensure the epoxy coating will offer the protection & durability you require.


  • To prepare a bare (rough) concrete floor prior to painting we always recommend a light abrasion first; this can be done either by a scarifying machine or track blasting.


  • If the floor has been power floated or is generally very shiny, the floor paint will not adhere to this surface. It is recommended to trackblast the concrete to remove most of the top layer prior to painting.



  • Two Pack Epoxy as the name suggests has two component that must be mixed together thoroughly to ensure an even cure occurs.


  • Solvent Free Epoxy is sold as a Pack so there is no confusion to whether the customer needs to purchase the correct catalyst separately.


  • It is important to thoroughly mix the paint with the catalyst, we recommend mixing with a pneumatic drill and a mixing paddle.


  • Once the paint has been mixed Solvent Free Two Pack Epoxy has a pot life of around 45 minuets.



  • Solvent Free Two Pack Epoxy can be easily applied by brush & roller


  • Leave the first coat to dry for 12 hours or overnight before overcoating with the second coat.


  • If the first coat has been left for 24 hours or more before overcoating then a light abrasion will be required for the second coat to adhere to the first.


  • Manufacturer’s guidelines are that any type of paint will need 7 days for the coating to reach its full properties.